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Thule Range 4

Thule Range 4

Introducing the Thule Range 4 bike rack, the ultimate solution for transporting your bikes securely and conveniently. This high-quality rack is designed to carry up to 4 bikes with ease, making it perfect for family adventures and group rides. With easy installation and a secure fit, this rack is the perfect addition to any outdoor enthusiast's gear collection. The Thule Range 4 is constructed with durable materials and features anti-sway cradles to keep your bikes stable and protected during transit. Whether you're heading out on a weekend road trip or simply need a reliable way to transport your bikes to the trailhead, the Thule Range 4 is an essential accessory for any biking enthusiast.


Model NameRANGE
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Specifically designed to handle the tremendous forces on the back of an RV/travel trailer, this carrier is durable, protective and secure.


Superior bike stability and fit with integrated anti-sway that prevent bike to bike contact and ‘disappears’ when not needed

Bikes are safe and secure during transport thanks to 7” of spacing between each bike

Quickly attach bikes and easily secure them to the rack using the ratcheting cradle strap

Compact cradle design accommodates wide variety of bike sizes/frame styles

Lock bikes to the rack using the integrated cable lock (lock included)

Easily fold down bike arms when rack is not in use

Carrier locks to the RV with the Thule STL2 bolt (lock included)

We provide locks and a lockable system that reduce the risk of theft but will not constitute a guarantee against risk of product being stolen


Max number of bikes


Load capacity

68 kg

Max bike weight

17 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH)

106.9 x 27.9 x 90.4 cm

Folded dimensions

37.6 x 27.9 x 90.4 cm


16.3 kg

Distance between bikes

17.78 cm

Carbon frame compatible


Tilt function (with bikes)


Fits 1.25" receivers


Fits 2" receivers


One Key System compatible


Bike lock included


Receiver lock included




Model number



Tested to the limit

At the Thule Test Center™ in Hillerstorp, Sweden, products go through extreme testing. Our roof rack systems are designed to carry your gear and fit your car as safely and securely as possible. Below are just a few examples of the many tests conducted.


Durability tests

Used to evaluate the performance under conditions such as those that might be encountered during use on rough or uneven terrain.


Wear and tear simulations

Specialized tests that are used to evaluate the racks and carriers over time, to assess their durability and long-term performance as well as their ability to protect the bikes during transport.


Exposure tests

Used to evaluate the performance of the rack under conditions that might be encountered during use. We expose the bike racks to extreme heat and cold, as well as moisture, sunlight and chemicals.


The Thule Range 4 is a high-performance bike carrier designed to securely transport up to 4 bikes. Its versatile design allows for easy installation on most vehicle models, and its adjustable cradles accommodate a wide range of bike sizes and styles. The integrated cable lock system provides added security during transport, while the foldable arms and tilt feature make it convenient for accessing the trunk of the vehicle without having to remove the bikes. This durable and reliable bike carrier is a must-have for any biking enthusiast looking for a convenient and safe way to transport their bikes to their next adventure. With the Thule Range 4, you can hit the road with confidence and peace of mind.



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