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In it for the miles? GPS said right but you went left? If your cycling spirit is in it for the adventure, the road not yet taken and you're looking to take on your next adventure with a bike that is capable of handling it then this is your place. Endurance and Gravel bikes are designed to take on long rides, questionable terrain surfaces, mystery roads and give you less feedback, more smiles, more adventure and mile after mile of delightful experience.

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There are many bikes to choose from out there; geometry, materials, components and wheels all have an effect on the performance, ride characteristics and overall feel of the machine. Trying to filter all the information available to find the bike that best suits your needs, your ambitions and your budget can be daunting. Our goal is to simplify the process and make it as easy to find your next bike.



The culmination of speed, comfort and style

Roadmachine 01

The Roadmachine 01's Premium Carbon frame has been refined with our Integrated Cockpit System, as well as our compliance-enhancing ACT and TCC Endurance technologies where it counts. One bike to do it all: ride fast, ride far, on smooth pavement or rough back roads–this is the high performance all-arounder of BMC's road collection.

RM 01.png

Roadmachine 02

Sharing many of the same technologies as the Roadmachine 01, the Roadmachine 02 has been engineered with 02 Carbon, featuring Angle Compliance Technology in the seatstays, fork, and seatpost. TCC Endurance technology ensures that this bike is capable of the most legendary days of riding in comfort.

RM 02.png

Roadmachine X

To keep you fresher for longer, the Premium Aluminum frameset is constructed with distance-specific TCC Endurance and Angle Compliance Technologies. Add in fender and rack compatibility, internal cable routing, flat mount brakes, and its all-road tubeless wheelset, and you get the Roadmachine X.

RM X.png

Roubaix Expert

The all-new Roubaix Expert now delivers compliance without compromise by introducing a radical new Future Shock 2.0 that gives you more control and damping options, a new Pavé seatpost that creates our most balanced Roubaix to date, aerodynamics that equal the Tarmac, and a Rider-First Engineered™ frame that’s shed some serious weight.


Roubaix Comp

So long Zertz. It's been fun, but we found someone better for us. In our humble opinion, the Roubaix Comp represents the future of road bikes, and with one ride, you'll feel exactly why.

Roubaix Sport

Hitting a sweet spot between performance and value, the Roubaix Sport was designed to thrive on long rides through rough country..The light weight frame has been constructed from our FACT 9r carbon fiber.You'll experience a whole new, faster, and more efficient geometry.

Roubaix SPT.jpg

Diverge Carbon              from $3479.99

The Diverge has been designed to be a through-and-through exploration machine. It's equally adept at crushing dirt climbs as it is to cruising to the coffee shop or hopping into a local group ride. And while it might sound cliché in a landscape of bike claims chocked full with hyperbole, the Diverge truly is one bike that does it all.

Diverge Alloy                 from $1399.99

The Diverge E5, is made for exploring new roads, commuting to class, and everything in between. It redefines what a road bike can do, so ride wherever you want—this bike doesn't take "no" for an answer.


Anyroad                           from $1199.99

Set your sights on new adventures and boost your fitness along the way. From paved roads to gravel or dirt, this friendly all-terrain drop-bar bike will encourage you to follow new routes.


Toughroad                       from $1189.99

Sometimes the best adventures are the toughest ones. The ones that test you. Be prepared for whatever comes your way, with a lightweight drop-bar adventure bike that can tackle paved roads, gravel or dirt.

TOUgh Road.jpg

Revolt                              from $2699.99

Ready to crush some gravel? With its lightweight, endurance-oriented composite frame, generous tire clearance and smooth ride quality, the all-new Revolt Advanced lets you ride farther and faster on rough roads, gravel or dirt.


Roam                               from $649.99

Casual yet always capable. Roam is built for multi-purpose adventure, so you can follow your own route, wherever it takes you.


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