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Stevens Crono TT

Stevens Crono TT

Introducing the Stevens Crono TT, a top-of-the-line time trial bike designed for serious triathletes and cyclists. This high-performance machine features a sleek design and carbon construction, with a Vollcarbon straight blade fork and UCI-compliant tube profiles. The Transmission Ultegra 10 Vitesses ensures fast and smooth gear changes, while the Mecamique Shimano Ultegra brakes provide reliable stopping power. This size M bike is perfect for riders looking to maximize their time trial performance and take their racing to the next level. If you're in search of a competitive edge, the Velo Stevens Crono TT is the ultimate choice for dominating the time trial course.

  • Specifications

    Stevens bikes 

    Crono TT

    • Transmission ultegra 10 speeds

    •  vollcarbon straight blade fork

    • mechanical disc breaks shimano ultegra 

    •  time trial bike

    • High-end time trial and triathlon machine with tube profiles that conform to UCI requirements

    • size :M 

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