Finish Line FINISH LINE - Ceramic Wax Lube 4oz

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Ceramic Wax lubricant is the perfect choice for serious riders who want to minimize the time they spend on drivetrain maintenance and maximize the time they spend in the saddle.

Each time Ceramic Wax lubricant is applied to the chain, the ceramic coating is improved, ensuring the durability of many oil-based lubricants.

With Finish Line Ceramic Wax lubricant, there is no moisture or stickiness on your chain or parts, so dirt and abrasive grime is not absorbed into the lubricating film. By avoiding abrasive wear, parts run easier and last much longer.


NOTE: As the white ceramic particles interlock on the chain, they will displace dirt causing a gray or black film to form on top of the wax coating. Over time (2-3 applications) this phenomenon will diminish or cease. This discoloration is normal and will not affect performance.

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