• Complete bike overhaul; disassembly and wash. Drivetrain, brakes, wheels and bearings overhauled, adjusted and lubricated
  • Recommended annually for bikes with over 4000kms of seasonal use.
  • Drivetrain is taken apart and soaked in cleaner, then completely cleaned of all grease and grime.
  • Brakes receive complete overhaul.
  • Chain replacement included. Any parts requiring replacement are not subject to additional installation charges.
  • All cables and cable housing is replaced.                                                   
  • Headset receives complete overhaul.
  • Wheels are cleaned, inspected aligned and spokes set to even tension.
  • Hubs bearings and freehub  receive complete overhaul
  • Bottom bracket bearings receive complete overhaul
  • Drivetrain is cleaned, inspected, serviced, adjusted and lubricated.
  • Tires are cleaned, inspected and set to proper pressure
  • Cockpit is aligned and all bike hardware checked and set to correct torque setting.

*Additional parts cost may apply

*Provision of $15.00 for any additional parts, client contacted if additional cost exceeds $15. 



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