Specialized Specialized - STIX SADDLE MOUNT Black

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The Stix has a versatile range of mounts so you put a Stix light almost anywhere you need extra visibility, both for you and other road users. With the Stix Saddle Mount, you can fix the Stix tail light under any saddle with the SWAT mounting holes.

This mount allows for a tail light to be horizontally attached under the back of a SWAT compatible saddle using a stamped aluminium bracket that can be bent to adjust the lights angle. All mounting hardware comes packed with the mount. Be safe and be safe with the Stix Saddle Mount.


  • Mounts a Stix tail light horizontally under the back edge of a SWAT-compatible saddle.
  • Includes stamped aluminum bracket that can be bent to adjust the light's angle.
  • This mount features a snap-in, breakaway mount to protect light if snagged.
  • Will only work with Specialized saddles with SWAT-compatible mount holes in the base.
  • Includes mounting hardware.
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