Vittoria Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ 2.0 Tubeless

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The Rubino Pro builds on the standard Rubino platform, it uses the same exclusive 3C Graphene compound structure that provides long service life, puncture protection, and sharp handling traits. It substitutes a folding bead material for reduced weight. The tire casing also has a high TPI count for a more supple ride.

The Rubino Pro has long been a favorite for both training and racing, and with the addition of Graphene technology compounds, is more versatile than ever!


  • Tubeless ready
  • High-performance nylon casing has 150 threads per inch.
  • 3C compounds combine the best grip, speed and suppleness.
  • Graphene 2.0 compound hardens and softens to offer the best of both worlds.
  • Increased puncture protection is provided by a the all-around tread.
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