Vittoria Vittoria Rubino Pro Endurance G+

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The Rubino Pro Endurance G+ is ideal for all-road riding, gravel, high mileage training, and winter/rain riding, thanks to its phenomenal grip and strong tread design. The all-new G+ rubber compound uses graphene carbon added to the rubber to improve grip and wear life, while the strong tread design--borrowed from the automotive industry--provides excellent traction on gravel, wet pavement and snow.

The puncture protection belt has been expanded to cover both the center of the tire, and the sidewall as well to prevent tears and blow outs. And all this without sacrificing the speed and performance you've come to expect from a Vittoria road tire. G+ graphene carbon rubber compound improves wear life and tire grip Beefier, automotive inspired tread increases traction and grip in bad weather, even in freezing conditions Strong casing and tread design for high mileage wear Puncture protection at tread center and side wall.

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