Wilier Zero 6 54cm Record 12 / Shamal Mille

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The peak of Wilier technology, the Zero6 frame is an incredibly lightweight 680 grams.


The superbly strong and stiff 60TON carbon frame with a new mould and fibre layup from Mitsubishi Japan, a stylish and efficient Campagnolo Record drivetrain, smooth and fast Campagnolo Shamal Mille wheelset this Zero6 Record Road Bike is a performance-engineered road bike that needs to be raced on crits and open races.


The super-light carbon frame weighs just 680 grams. That's a 15% weight saving over Wilier's gold standard Zero7 frame. Equipped with integrated cables, an integrated fork, and supreme aerodynamic efficiency, the Zero6 Road Bike is a podium contender.

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