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More than just a local bike shop: we provide a vast array of services to clients within the cycling realm.

Our service department is equipped to service all makes and models of road, electric, mountain and city bikes.

Our bike fitting and fitness experts can provide optimal adjustment and tailored training programs to improve your overall well being.

We offer class and complete courses to introduce and hone your DIY bike repair skills

Our advisers are available for one-on-one consultations for new or used bike purchases, custom bike builds, upgrades and more.

With decades of experience & knowledge, it's our pleasure to assist you with anything within the cycling universe.

Our Services

  • Bikes with 2000km or less of use / Vélos avec 2000km ou moins d'usure

    75 Canadian dollars
  • Bikes with 3000km or more of use / Vélos avec 3000km et plus d'usure

    120 Canadian dollars
  • Service Complet et remplacement de pieces/ For bikes requiring full se...

    200 Canadian dollars
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